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A List to Consider.

March 27th, 2010

3 Responses to “A List to Consider.”

  1. Caitlin says:

    Dearest Brittany Killian, I am glad to see that you have put some consideration into my list ;). I have some comebacks for you regarding this post, however. Firstly, even if you do not like roller coasters, Busch Gardens is awesome because of AMUSEMENT PARK FOOD!! (including funnel cakes…). Also, you may not have a job in Williamsburg, but you don’t have one in Lynchbuirg either, so you are free to take a job wherever you want!! And finally, I could be a good support system for you as well (you know about my maternal instinct). I love you girl and your video is awesome and I will love you and stick by you no matter what you decide to do or where you decide to go. xoxoxox

  2. Austin says:

    …and Caitlin makes good cookies

  3. Damian Allen says:

    Just as a side note to keep in mind:
    Don’t feel bad for not trusting a random roommate. My sister in law grabbed a roommate when she got out of college who seemed pretty cool. That is, until she found out that the roommate had never paid rent. Notices that you’ve got X amount of time to pay Y dollars before you are evicted are kinda unhappy.

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