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April 14th, 2010

I feel a little lame because I did my Prezi on the research that I have been working on with my psychology research team since September. I decided to do this because I felt like it fit with my personal digital story. My group and I are going to be presenting at the Psi Chi Symposium here on campus on Friday, so this research has definitely been an important part of my senior year. Plus, I didn’t really know what else to present on, and I guess it didn’t really matter since the goal was just to play around and learn more about Prezi, which I did. I’m not going to say that it was my favorite tool to use. It was a little frustrating at times, and I don’t think I fully got the hang of it yet either. Nevertheless, it’s still an interesting and fun way to present material to others.

SO, here is my brief presentation on some of my team’s findings:


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